Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard for what you have.  Make sure it passes to your loved ones according to your wishes, and avoid paying needless taxes and probate fees.

Benefits of Estate Planning

At Epiphany ADR, we understand the importance of having a current estate plan in place.  We will meet with you privately to determine your family needs, and work with you to create a custom estate plan tailored to the unique set of circumstances that comprise your life, your family and your specific needs.

  • Estate planning can help you and your spouse make decisions together in advance.  Having things in place provides peace of mind, so that you can rest assured that your directions will be followed and your loved ones will be cared for in your absence.
  • Estate planning ensures that your children will be cared for should you and your spouse pass away simultaneously (i.e. while on vacation, traveling by car or plane, home catastrophe, etc.).  If you have minor children, there are special concerns.  Minors require guardians – if you do not name your own, the court will assign one.  Also, minors cannot legally take title to property.  A trust can provide income for your child(ren)’s support, health care and educational needs until each child has sufficient maturity to handle property on their own.
  • Estate planning can help maximize your current estate, preserve and protect it from creditors, and minimize the time, expenses and expenses that are associated with probate.

A properly drafted estate plan can also help you:

  • Provide for your child(ren)’s education;
  • Provide for disabled beneficiaries without loss of public benefits;
  • Protect beneficiaries who are not mature or stable enough to conserve and/or spend their distributions wisely and without influence;
  • Protect beneficiaries who have bad credit or are subject to creditors;
  • And much more…

Lisa Fiance, Esq. is a licensed California attorney and owner of Epiphany ADR.  We specialize in estate planning, family law and mediation. If you have questions, or to schedule a free consultation, call us at (760) 201-5637.


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