Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation offers couples an opportunity to reach peaceful resolution to complex issues. In mediation, parties retain control over negotiation of the issues, propose settlement terms that work best for their particular situation, and settle their issues outside of court. Parties who are able to reach settlement never even have to set foot in a courtroom.


Under the guidance of a divorce mediator, parties divide their property and debts, develop a parenting plan to manage child custody and visitation, and successfully negotiate child and spousal support provisions.


We start by explaining community property law and your property rights upon separation. Then we review various reimbursements and credits that might apply in your situation. Finally, we help parties divide their property and debts using creative techniques only available through divorce mediation.


Epiphany Legal can help you develop a mutually agreeable parenting plan that ensures both parents have frequent and continuing contact with the children.  In addition to helping negotiate schedules, Epiphany Legal can help you develop notification, exchange, travel and modification provisions that will help you avoid conflict in case you need to change your agreement in the future.

The Affordable Care Act and Joint Custody


California focuses on “child support guideline”. Based on the custodial timeshare, as well each parent’s current financial situation, Epiphany Legal can determine the guideline level of child support a judge would likely establish in your case. Parents can then negotiate payment options and methods to assure uninterrupted child support.

California is a “Guideline” State

The Basis of the Child Support Obligation


Epiphany Legal can help you assess the factors considered by the court when establishing a spousal support order. Spouses can then negotiate a reasonable level of spousal support based on their own situation.

Spousal Support


When divorce mediation concludes, Epiphany Legal will prepare a written and binding marital settlement agreement that can be incorporated into your judgment of dissolution.


California requires litigants to use Judicial Council Forms to present the majority of information used by the court to render decisions. These forms are numerous, complex and confusing to the average person.  For a flat fee, Epiphany Legal will complete the forms necessary to submit your Petition, Response, Declarations of Disclosure and Judgment Packages.


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