Epiphany ADR

Epiphany ADR is a unique law firm, committed to helping our clients stay out of court through effective estate planning and collaborative dispute resolution.

Mediation Services

At Epiphany ADR, a credentialed mediator will guide you through a professional process to exchange viewpoints and negotiate your own proposal for settlement of the dispute.  Epiphany ADR offers the following mediation services:

Divorce Mediation
Business (Civil) Mediation
Workplace Mediation
Tort Mediation
Family Mediation
Community Mediation

Collaborative Law

In collaborative law, each party is represented by their own independent attorney but agrees to negotiate settlement of their dispute rather than proceeding to litigation.  Epiphany ADR provides collaborative legal representation.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can help you prepare for the future and provide for your loved ones.  Epiphany ADR will guide you through the difficult decisions that need to be made and properly document your instructions in order to minimize family disputes in the future.

Premarital Agreements

Although it may not seem romantic, investing in an enforceable premarital agreement can be one of your smartest wedding preparation activities. Let Epiphany ADR prepare your California premarital agreement.

Keeping You Out of Court

Litigation of disputes is expensive, time-consuming and stressful.  Epiphany ADR offers clients a wide range of estate planning and dispute resolution services designed to keep you and your family out of court.


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